Without GODS Love by Chris Harris

Without Gods Love by Chris Harris… This is such a special song to me. Its really more than a song, its a personal testimony. You see last year I was up to 477 lbs. I was as down as a person could be and then I decided to do something about it. I went to the doctor to inquire about gastric surgery. The waiting period required by my insurance was 6 – 9 months and during that time, little by little I started to feel better about things and come out of the the deep depression that had plagued me for quite sometime. Then tragedy struck. A month before surgery, my wife, Charline, became very ill and was subsequently diagnosed with cancer. Not only was it cancer but it was in stage 4…. We went to doctor after doctor and it seemed like everywhere we turned we kept getting bad news. Finally we decided to lay both our problems at the feet of Almighty GOD. You know what happened, its a long story, but now 1 year later I am 183 lbs lighter and shrinking everyday and my wife, Charline is working on her 10th month CANCER FREE….. I am convinced and no one will be able to persuade me otherwise that no matter what your problem, no matter how bad things seem to be GOD IS STILL THERE!!! All we have to do is trust in him…… I hope you enjoy this song…… Thanks for viewing!!!! Chris