• Destiny

    I love love you and your music

  • Tonya Gorzney

    Love hearing you sing!! You & your band are AMAZINGLY talented!!

  • Robert Gehr

    WOW! “Stronger” is a deep, sensitive, soulful, heartache song. A beautiful voice and a beautiful girl with places to go and goals to achieve. Country at it’s best, with deep roots and that classic twang in the vocals. I see good things for you Kadie Lynn. I believe Simon does too. That man can help you achieve your dreams…
    The best of luck to you baby girl.

  • En man som heter Owe

    Hi Kadie Lynn
    All respect for your wonderful awesome performance

  • En man som heter Owe

    i hope you can visit Sweden with your parents
    I wish you all the best. Please be proud.

  • AnnaBeth

    Beautiful writing, performance and video. However, the “credits” do not include the three other musicians and the male actor (unless they are included in the “special thanks”, which does not really count). If the musicians were really playing, then they definitely need to receive credit that is due. The title says “with credits” so It’s even more of a slap in the face to those who were not included clearly in the credits. Not cool. I hope the director or producer will correct this. It sets a bad precedent, especially considering that the video makes a rather obvious attempt to be racially inclusive. And then to ignore the people who helped make it happen? So what’s with the exclusion?